Causes Of Tingling In Right Hand And Arm

Causes Of Tingling In Right Hand And Arm

Pain in the right arm is usually accompanied by symptoms like numbness, tingling and weakness. There could be several reasons for the occurrence of pain in the right arm and hand, ranging from minor to severe. Therefore, it is important not to overlook the condition and consult a physician to analyze the underlying cause so that appropriate treatment may be administered.

One of the most common causes of such a pain is wrong posture that affects the blood supply. Sleeping with one’s hand placed under the head or sitting with the arms hanging are some of the postures that reduce the flow of blood to the arms; thereby resulting in pain, numbness and tingling sensation. Such conditions are especially common during the winters owing to the constriction of the blood vessels. Altering the position of the arm soon relieves the individual from the symptoms.

A medical condition that is known to cause pain in the right arm is carpal tunnel syndrome. This condition is characterized by the compression of the median nerve that leads to tingling sensation not only in the arm but the hand, wrist, and fingers as well. Carpel tunnel syndrome can be extremely painful for the patient making him or her incapable of lifting any weight with the concerned arm.

Arthritis is another medical condition that triggers pain in the arms owing to the inflammation of the joints. Finally, an alarming reason for right arm pain could be the occurrence of a mild cardiac arrest. Studies reveal that this symptom indicating a heart attack is particularly common amongst women. Additionally, women may be prone to right arm pain during pregnancy owing to the increase in weight leading to immense pressure on the joints.

Pain in the upper area of the arm occurs mainly due to injuries, carpal tunnel syndrome and bicipital tendonitis. An injury could signify a bruise or a fracture resulting in pain. Even physical activities like weight lifting could cause injury to the tendons resulting in the medical condition of tendonitis that leads to pain in the arm.

As mentioned earlier, pain in the right arm could indicate a mild heart attack. However, when this pain is accompanied by chest pain, then one must seek medical assistance at the earliest. This condition is referred to as Myocardial infarction. Apart from pain in the chest and right arm, this condition gives out symptoms of pain in the upper middle abdomen, neck, and jaws; vomiting, giddiness and perspiration. This condition could prove to be life threatening, therefore one must not ignore any of these signs and ensure that proper investigation is conducted.

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Causes Of Tingling In Right Hand And Arm