Best Mattrsses For Lower Back Pain

Best Mattrsses For Lower Back Pain

Back pain can be caused by a poor sleeping posture or a badly made mattress also. Mattresses, if not proper, worsen the back pain problems for you. When you sleep, the mattress should support your back muscles and the alignment of the spine. If not, you will end up with backaches. Hence, it is imperative that you select the best mattress for your lower back pain.


A mattress should always match an individual preference. The mattress should be able to rest the spine at the right structural points and help the person to rejuvenate during their sleep. There are hundreds of varieties of mattresses that are being sold in the market. Here are some guidelines that will help you choose the correct mattress.

If you have an existing lower back pain, give importance to the comfort and the support the mattress can give you. It should be medium firm in order to support your back. There is no single mattress that can be identified for people with lower back pain. The only way to decide is by looking at its qualities.

The mattress is made up of coils and springs which usually offer the support for the back. To understand the components enquire about the mattress first. Mattresses differ in the shape and number of arrangement of coils and springs. Padding of the mattress also varies. You should base your choice on your personal comfort level as far as the padding is concerned. The mattress should be firm in the mid rib portion because that is where your back will rest.

The best mattress will have the natural curves that your body takes. It is designed to give your back the required support. If the mattress is the right one, you should not feel sore in the morning. There is no research or clinical data collected for selecting the right mattress, but it is a general belief that firm mattresses are best for the back compared to cushiony ones.

There should be a right balance between comfort and support. The mattress should not b like a stone and you should feel relaxed when you sit or lie down on it. A medium firm mattress may be comfortable, but you may want to check out on additional padding also.

You should also change your mattress periodically. Old mattresses tend to sag and become less comfortable over time. If your mattress is drooping in the center, then it is time to change it. You should check for the firmness periodically.

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