How To Cure Chronic Back Pain

How To Cure Chronic Back Pain ?

Chronic back pain is a reality for thousands of people. Usually, this type of pain comes on gradually and is invariably due to a poor posture or leading a sedentary life. However, even trauma to the spine or the back can result in chronic back pain. Some people can suffer from chronic back pain due to obesity, muscular degenerative diseases or losing muscular tone. Whatever may be the reason, you do not have to live with chronic back pain. You can now lead a pain-free life, as there are many treatment options to cure this condition.


Seeking medical consultation for chronic back pain is a must. The doctor will find out what the cause of the pain is and start treatment accordingly. Some of the medical options to cure chronic back pain include taking anti-inflammatory drugs, physical therapy and have a surgery. Usually, surgery is recommended only if the nerves are damaged or there is a serious reason that can be rectified with the help of surgery. Usually, pain relievers for chronic back pain are not prescribed for long term use, as they can lead to addiction. Hence, if a doctor prescribes a pain reliever, such as codeine, it will be for short term use only. The doctor may also recommend taking NSAIDs drugs along with cortisone injections. These injections are given epidurally to alleviate the pain.

Besides going to the doctor, you can also do some things at home to cure the back pain. One of the most trusted methods to get relief from the pain is using hot and/or cold compress. Apply the compress for just ten minutes and repeat it every 2 hours until you notice the pain reducing or disappearing.

Massage therapy also helps to alleviate the debilitating pain by increasing blood circulation to the affected muscles. This also helps in strengthening the muscles and improving their tone. If you opt for massage therapy, ensure that you get the massage done by a professional physical therapist to avoid further injury to your back.

Very often physical therapists also prescribe stretching exercises to alleviate chronic back pain. Make sure that you do just those exercises that are recommended by the therapist. Clubbing the stretching exercises with some other physical activity is often encouraged, especially if the back pain is brought on due to no exercise and sedentary lifestyle.

Medication such as ibuprofen or acetaminophen can help in pain reduction. However, make sure that any medication that you take is first checked by the doctor, especially if you have some other health condition.

Many people do not realize that at time chronic back pain can be due to stress and anxiety. For such people, learning to handle stress is extremely important. There are several techniques that teach people how to manage stress, such as muscle relaxing exercises, breathing exercises, yoga, guided imagery techniques and meditation. Even listening to soft music is a method of relaxing and can help get rid of stress. Furthermore, taking up an extracurricular activity, such as swimming, walking, gardening or water aerobics can help alleviate the pain. Refrain from extremely physical games and sports, as they may cause further strain on the back muscles. So, sports such as tennis or golf should be avoided.

Remember, surgery is always the last option for curing chronic back pain. Your doctor will only suggest it if all other methods to cure the pain fail. Make sure that you understand the pros and cons of back surgery before opting for one. Try all the other methods first to cure your chronic back condition and only then look at back surgery as an option.

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