Massage Therapy For Back Pain Relief

Massage Therapy For Back Pain Relief

Massage therapy is very valuable in treating back pain. Different techniques are used and it depends on the area and kind of pain. Massage helps to increase the blood flow to the affected area, and decreases the spasmodic pain. It also mobilizes the affected area without causing pain. With massage, the back can return to its normal function in a short period of time.

Back pain can occur in the thoracic, which is the upper middle back or lumbar, which is the lower back, or the sacral, which is the tail bone of the spine. The pain may be a sudden onset due to an injury or trauma, it can develop gradually or become perpetual. There are different levels of pain, like sharp and shooting pain, throbbing pan which comes and goes, spasmodic pain, dull or achy feeling and a general sense of soreness in the affected area. Some pain starts at a low level and become radiating and spread to other parts of the body.

The back needs to be strong because it is involved in all the activities we do on a daily basis. The joints and muscles in the back help you rotate, bend, turn and stand straight. The back along with a spine is a very complex structure and that is why treating back pain becomes all the more difficult. There are several nerves that are involved in the spine.

When the back is unable to function properly, the muscle creates a splint. It is the body’s reaction to control a spasm. The body makes you alert to the pain and to stop motion. The tissue tension caused due to the muscle guarding and spasm immediately decreases the blood flow to the affected area. The nerve endings on the lack of blood supply send messages to the brain which is otherwise called pain.

Massages helps to relieve the tissue of the stress caused by the body. The blood supply is naturally restored because of the heat being generated through the massage. It also sends oxygen which is responsible for healing and the waste products are also removed from the affected area through the restored blood flow. When you are being massaged, you will feel the muscles relaxed. After a few sittings of massage you can mobilize the pelvic area, the ribs and vertebral column. Some massages target the affected area directly and some of them target acupressure points in the feet and palm.

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