Reasons For Upper Back Pain

Reasons For Upper Back Pain

There are several reasons why a person suffers from back pain it could be due to a trauma, a sudden injury, poor posture or even muscle weakness. Upper back pain has become more common with people who work on the computer for long, off late. Upper back pain and shoulder pain often occur together.


The following are the most common causes of upper back pain:
A joint dysfunction, inflammation of the muscles or irritation of the muscles are some of the most common reasons for upper back pain.

Muscular inflammation causing upper back pain occurs when they are injured. The upper back muscles are bigger in the body because they attach themselves to the shoulder girdle. It can be very painful and is difficult for the person to perform any kind of work. It can be caused due to the lack of strength strain, injuries, and accidents. All these can cause muscular irritation. This kind of back pain can be treated with regular exercise, physiotherapy, chiropractic and acupuncture. Stretching and strengthening exercises are recommended for this kind of pain.

Sometimes a specific are in the upper body is tender and it can be the trigger point for back pain. These points are typically located in the skeletal muscles. If the point is identified, then treatments such as muscle massage, acupuncture and injections work well. Pain medications can manage the discomfort and inflammation well.

A joint dysfunction that causes back pain is treated through physiotherapy and other manual procedures. If two joints are not attached properly, it can cause frequent back pain. A well trained physiotherapist will manipulate the joints and make sure they are aligned properly. They help to activate the joints and thereby lessen the discomfort. For a lasting treatment, exercises at home or gym are suggested. For this kind of pain, the shoulders and spine have to be strengthened. Aerobic exercises like stretches can strengthen the muscles and alleviate the pain.

There are other rare causes for upper back pain like decreased mobility in the shoulders and spine. Some degenerative disc diseases like slip disc can also cause the problem. However, the majority of the disc herniation occurs in the spine where there is an increased motion. Thoracic disc diseases are not known to cause upper back pain that frequently but can be an indicative factor. This kind of pain is diagnosed through an MRI scan. There will be several other physical symptoms along with the back pain. A severe trauma or a back injury can cause chronic back pain as well.

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