Symptoms Of Pregnancy Back Pain

Symptoms Of Pregnancy Back Pain

Pregnancy related back pain is very common in women. It is experience in the later stages of the trimester by most women. Back pain occurring in the later stages of pregnancy is caused due to the increased weight in the lower abdomen area. However, back pain reduces the quality of life for pregnant women and also interferes with sleep patterns. Luckily there are several ways through which this back pain can be managed.


Reports suggest that nearly seventy percent of pregnant women suffer from back pain. However, the usage of back pain can be due to several reasons. Some women experience back pain in the beginning stages of pregnancy. People who are obese and overweight are an increased risk for pain. Also the risk increases if you have had some kind of injury at the back or had suffered from it earlier.

Some of the other causes of back pain during pregnancy are as follows:

Pregnancy causes an upsurge in hormones. During pregnancy the ligaments and joints become loose to prepare the body for birthing. The joints and ligaments tend to shift due to the looseness and decrease their support for the back.

If the baby is big and more in weight, it shifts the center of gravity for the body. Your posture and the way you walk undergo changes. When these changes are unwelcome by the body, you are prone to back pain.

If you have put on more weight than required during pregnancy, it can cause back pain because your abdominal muscles cannot support the sudden weight gain.

If you stand or sit for too long and have poor posture, it can lead to pain.

Pregnancy related stress and depression can also cause back pain in women.

Here are some of the remedial measures that you can use to reduce back pain.

Pregnant women are suggested several mild exercises during their trimesters. Lot of these exercises is good for strengthening your back and the muscles of the abdomen. Squatting instead of bending over to pick up something can avoid injuries to the back. It also strengthens the calf and thigh muscles.

Avoid sleeping on your back and develop a sideway posture. Use a pillow to support your stomach while sleeping. Do not wear heels or other uncomfortable footwear in pregnancy. Ask a chiropractor on how to align your back with the body while sleeping. Whenever you have back pain, rest well and avoid lifting any weights.

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Symptoms Of Pregnancy Back Pain

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