The Natural Back Pain Cure

The Natural Back Pain Cure

The cause for back pain is difficult to identify in most cases. There are several home remedies for back pain that work well even when you do not know the cause. The American Pain Society says that several sufferers report that they get relief from non medicinal methods. This method works well with pregnant woman who cannot take too many medications. There are a variety of techniques for that.


Standing or sitting continuously for a long time can strain the back muscles. It causes muscular tension when a person remains in one single posture for a long time. When your back is hurting, you should rest to alleviate the pain immediately. Doctors from the Maryland Spine Center recommend that rest is the ideal way of recouping from pain.

Posture plays an important role in the disposal of a person. A wrong posture can cause chronic and continuous back pain. Posture should be maintained while sitting, standing, walking and sleeping. The American Chiropractic Association says that if the posture is corrected, back stiffness, aches and throbbing can be reduced. If you sit and work for a long time, use chairs that have lumbar support or cushions. These chairs retain the normal curve of your spine. Sleep on the back and not on the stomach and also use firm mattresses. Stand erect most of the time and align your hips with the knees.

Many back problems are connected with the feet. The length or the angle at which the feet touches the ground, it can create various pressure points. Using shoe inserts can solve the problem. When you have pain, use custom made orthotics and they can solve the back pain forever. These soles can be fitted into your shoes, but a podiatrist or a chiropractor has to do the fitting for them.

Stretching exercises are beneficial to alleviate the pain. If there is tension in the lower back, sit up erect on a chair with both your feet one foot apart and pointing forward. Lean forward by bending your head and shoulders. Bend the waist and drop your head between the two legs. This stretches the back completely. Repeat it ten to 12 times in one sitting.

If you have a chronic back pain, you can get immediate relief by using gel packs. Take two packs and keep one in the microwave and one in the freezer. Place the warm gel pack in a towel and put it on your back for twenty minutes. After that repast the same thing with the ice pack.

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The Natural Back Pain Cure

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