Eye Exercises That Cure Double Vision

Eye Exercises That Cure Double Vision

Double vision, also called as diplopia, is a condition that causes blurred eye vision in people. People see two images of the same kind when they have double vision. For many people, the problem may be related to a mental condition that is causing it or there could be something wrong with the eye itself. Double vision can be caused in a single eye and it is called ocular diplopia and when it is caused in both the eyes it is called binocular diplopia.

When diplopia is caused by a brain-related disease, for example due to Parkinson’s disease, then surgery or prescription eye glasses are not recommended by the doctor. However, when it is caused due to a physical condition, then doctors do advice the patients in getting the vision corrected through surgery or glasses. So, when the diplopia is being caused due to a mental condition instead of getting into invasive methods of correcting it, doctors recommend eye exercises through physiotherapy which seem to be of great help. Even otherwise in people with diplopia, generally eye exercises seem to help the condition. Also, there are several reasons why people develop persistent double vision and exercise can help all kinds of people. In some people, double vision may also be temporary when they have excess alcohol, for example.

One of the exercises that helps to overcome double vision is to concentrate on an object like pencil and follow it by moving it up and down. You can do this exercise for five minutes a day and then after some time you can notice the improvement. You start following the object and also see it more clearly.

Another kind of exercise for curing double vision is a yoga exercise. That is you have to rotate your eyes and looking all four directions. You have to do this in clockwise and anticlockwise directions. This eye exercise generally helps for the overall improvement of the eye and also solves several eye disorders.

Another common eye exercise that is performed is to look at an object that is extremely close to you for five seconds and then look at something that is at least 20 feet away from you for another five seconds. Keep repeating this exercise and use the same two objects for the entire exercise.

Any eye exercise should not be performed for more than five minutes at a time, or else you will become prone to headaches.

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Eye Exercises That Cure Double Vision