Chest Pain Due To Lack Of Sleep  

Getting a sound sleep is one of the keys to attain sound health and keep the body away from diseases. A good night’s sleep ensures that the arteries get enough time to rejuvenate keeping the body under minimum stress. However, in a reverse situation that is sleeping for less than 7 hours in a day could cause stress to several organ system in the body. Lack of sleep leads to stress which in turn could cause cardiovascular diseases resulting in chest pain.

While inadequate sleep could cause heart issues; the contrary situation could also occur wherein due to heart ailments such as chest pain, sleep apnea, palpitations, and angina at night, sleep could be disrupted. Well, this does not mean that additional hours of sleep will ensure good health. Anything exceeding 8 hours of sleep is also known to result in cardiovascular problems. So, remember to snooze in limits.

There could be ample causes for lack of sleep. Any form of stress, worry or depression could take away a good night’s sleep. Eating a well balanced diet is mandatory for sleep as constipation can lead to restlessness at night. Restrict your consumption of caffeine, nicotine, alcohol and energy drinks to attain sound sleep. Physical activities such as walking, jogging or exercising will help in regulating sleep. Bathing with hot water prior to bedtime relaxes the mind and body and will put you to sleep faster. Other ways of initiating a good sleep include drinking hot milk or milk obtained from poppy seeds or consumption of crushed nutmegs; just before bedtime. A good night’s sleep not only keeps you fresh and agile ready to take on your daily chores in a more efficient way but keeps the body stress free and aids in maintaining good health.

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Chest Pain Due To Lack Of Sleep




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