Morning Chest Pain And Gas  

While the most prominent and dangerous reason for chest pain is a cardiac arrest, chest pain could be a consequence of something as minor as excessive gas production in the body. Certain disorders linked to the digestive tract could be a major cause of build up of gas, triggering off chest pain. An aggravated stomach pain is known to result in production of gas, thereby placing the esophageal endings under distress.

Muscle spasms in the chest region, thus, caused may be extremely painful and seem like an oncoming cardiac arrest. However, a close analysis will reveal to you that such a pain is concentrate in the centre of the chest whereas one linked to any cardiovascular disease tends to branch into the adjacent body parts such as the neck, shoulders and arms.

Another medical condition known as splenic flexure syndrome could also lead to chest pain. This condition is characterized by the amassing of gas in the upper segment of the colon and the upper left part of the abdomen. As a result, this type of pain is pronounced in the left part of the chest, deeply resembling pain experienced during a cardiac arrest.

Fortunately unlike any form of cardiovascular disease, chest pain owing to gas production can be easily treated. Some of the remedies include consumption of an antacid medicine or salted cracker, drinking of club soda or water with a few drops of cinnamon, peppermint or ginger extract that facilitates the exit of gas, and reducing the intake of substances known for additional generation of gas in the body such as bacon, bagels, corn chips, gelatin desserts, pastries, pretzels and potato chips.

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Morning Chest Pain And Gas




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