Why Do I Need To Cough When I Take A Deep Breath ?  

Deep breathing is a reflex action which we do many a times throughout the day, often unknowingly. It is a process of taking in air deep inside the lungs. It helps in clearing out the many unwanted materials from the airways and lungs which enter the throat and lungs accidentally.

Sometimes, we may not know that we are breathing out such materials from our nasal passage. Deep breathing at times is practiced as an exercise to get relief from blocks in the passages of the airways. Not only this, deep breathing exercise helps in taking in a lot of oxygen which are required by the body parts like the heart and lungs to function properly. Then Why Do We Cough ? when we breathe deep? It is because of presence of some unwanted material in the passage of the nose or throat. If the passage is clear and the air that we are breathing in is free from all kinds of pollution, then obviously we will not cough.

Have you noticed that sometimes we cough automatically? It is because the smoke, un-swallowed food and pollutants enter the throat and airways, and automatic cough reflux occurs naturally to flush out these unwanted particles. In the absence of such cough reflux, the unwanted material would get entry into the lungs causing infections and thereby damaging the tissues.

When the cough reflux action is not due to a natural process, then it could be because of some problems in the lungs. These problems could result due to chronic pneumonia, bronchitis or asthma.

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Why Do I Need To Cough When I Take A Deep Breath ?




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Why Do We Cough ?      Coughing is a reflexive action of the human body in order to keep dust or other foreign substances from entering the windpipe and lungs. When we inhale, the glottis which is located at the top end of the windpipe closes. The cough begins when the inhalation gets started. The pressure exerted by the muscles in the lungs becomes greater than the pressure of the glottis. This causes the air to be expelled out of the mouth in the form of cough. In the process, the foreign particles or dust also get expelled from the body. More..




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Why Do I Need To Cough When I Take A Deep Breath ? )
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