Can Stress Cause A Fever

Can Stress Cause A Fever ?

Fever is an ailment that all people suffer at some stage of their lives. A person is said to be having fever when the body temperature goes above the normal level of 97-99 degree Fahrenheit or 36-37.2 degree Celsius. In medical terminology, ‘pyrexia’ or ‘controlled hyperthermia’ refers to fever.

Fever is a result of presence of infection or some other disease in the body. A low rise or fall in the body temperature usually occurs in all, but this is harmless. Generally, fever up to 38.5 degree Celsius is called low grade fever and is taken to be serious or grave.

One of the factors which are found to cause this low grade fever is stress. During stress, the body tends to be on an overdrive. This causes certain abnormal functions to occur in the body. In order to cope up with this functioning, body temperature gets raised causing fever. In such condition, one can take a warm water bath to relieve the stress and pain if any and lower the fever. One should be cautious not to use very hot water lest the temperature goes up.

One can also use cold rags on the forehead, neck or legs in order to bring the fever under control. One should avoid usage of blankets in this condition.

In order to avoid worsening of the fever, one should be cautious enough to keep the body hydrated by drinking plenty of fluids. This can include water and other drinks which will enable maintenance of the electrolyte levels to the optimum level in the body and prevent dehydration.

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Can Stress Cause A Fever