Nausea When Sleeping  

One of the fundamental reasons for experiencing nausea while sleeping is high level of stress during the course of the day. Considering the extremely hectic schedules followed by most people these days, the anxiety and stress caused by such routines goes unnoticed during the daytime. Only when the individual lies down to rest that these tensions clog the mind causing symptoms of sleeplessness and nausea.

Another possible reason for night nausea could be a gastrointestinal illness. Although symptoms of such an infection caused by virus or bacteria could occur at any time during 24 hours but the same mainly depends upon the time of infestation. In instances wherein the pathogen has attacked the system during the daytime, the symptoms would become evident only during the night after an incubation period of approximately 8 hours.

There are other digestive system disorders as well that can attribute to nausea at bedtime. These include indigestion and heartburn. As in the case of a gastrointestinal infection, indigestion symptoms of nausea could occur at night either immediately after a culprit dinner meal or after a few hours of eating contaminated food during the earlier meals. Most patients of heartburn complain of nausea during the night as lying down aggravates the backflow of acids from the esophagus.

Morning sickness is commonly experienced by women during the first trimester of pregnancy. However, contrary to the terminology, the symptoms of nausea and vomiting illustrating the condition can occur at any time during the day, including the night. Lastly, one can suffer from nausea at night after a high intake of alcohol as well.

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Nausea When Sleeping




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