Causes Of Intermittent Vomiting

Causes Of Intermittent Vomiting

If your child is suffering from intermittent vomiting, you must be wondering what are causes for it. There are many causes of intermittent vomiting, but remember, that this condition cause result in dehydration, which can be life threatening for a child. Also, at times, there can be no real cause for intermittent vomiting as some kids end up throwing up for no reason whatsoever and do not have any underlying health condition.

If your child is having intermittent vomiting, it is best to take him or her to a doctor who will be able to diagnose the real cause for the vomiting. However, if the time between the vomiting grows, then as a parent you have less cause for worry.

Usually, when a child suffers from intermittent vomiting, he or she will be unable to retain any fluid or food. The condition may also come with cramps in the stomach, pain in the stomach and nausea. The causes of intermittent vomiting in kids could be food poisoning, flu, acid reflux or a more serious problem of obstruction of the intestines.

One of the most common causes for intermittent vomiting among kids is viral gastroenteritis. The viruses that most commonly cause this condition include Rotavirus and Norwalk virus. The vomiting can also occur due to bacterial gastroenteritis, which can be caused due to food poisoning, salmonella, shigella and E. coli. Gastroenteritis causes not just vomiting, but also diarrhea and the main concern here is dehydration. Hence, a child should be given fluids to ensure that he or she does not get dehydrated.

A child can also suffer from acid reflux causing him or her to vomit, especially after meals. Kids can throw up undigested food or even curdled milk if they are suffering from acid reflux. If the vomiting and the acid reflux are severe in nature, the doctor will recommend a surgery to rectify the problem.

Another cause for intermittent vomiting in kids could be pyloric stenosis. This is a condition wherein the part of the stomach that joins the intestine tightens and prevents the flow of milk into the intestine. This is a condition most commonly seen in babies that are a month old. Even twisting of the intestine, known as malrotation, can result in kids vomiting. This will require surgical correction.

Once the doctor determines the cause for intermittent vomiting, he or she will begin the treatment process. Usually, the child would have to consume bland food and clear fluids like broth, soups and water to stem the vomiting. In case the vomiting does not cease, then medication or surgical intervention may be required.

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Causes Of Intermittent Vomiting