How Long Should A Stuffy Nose Last

How Long Should A Stuffy Nose Last ?

Usually, if a person has nasal congestion, colloquially it is known as a stuffy nose. This results from a flu or the common cold. The congestion can be mild or moderate in nature, but at times it can be so severe to warrant a visit to a doctor. There is no known cure for a stuffy known, but different remedies can be used to ease the discomfort and relieve the symptom temporarily.

As mentioned previously, a stuffy nose can occur due to a cold or flu. It can also be caused due to a viral infection or an allergy. The most common symptom of a stuffy nose is blocked nasal passages causing problems in breathing via the nose, headache, sore throat, cough, fever and fatigue.

A person who is suffering from this condition invariably wants to know how long should a stuffy nose last. The answer to this is that it depends on the cause of the nasal congestion. If the stuffy nose is on account of the common cold or flu, then it can last for a couple of days or for a few weeks. However, if the congestion is due to an allergy, then you may be saddled with a stuffy nose for months together or until the allergen is removed from the vicinity. At times, when the allergen cannot be removed, the person will constantly be having a stuffy nose. Hence, the duration of a stuffy nose varies from person to person depending on the cause.

People are mistaken when they believe that a stuffy nose is due to excessive mucus blocking the nasal passages. On the contrary, the mucus is a symptom of the condition. The condition is brought due to inflammation of the blood vessels that are present in the nasal membrane. These vessels get filled with fluid causing the surrounding tissue to swell up. This leads to the narrowing of the nasal passages and making it tough to breathe through the nose. Due to this, mucus is produced by the membranes of the nasal passages.

When a person gets a stuffy nose, the most common effect of the condition is problems in breathing via the nose. The person would have to blow his or her nose frequently in order to clear the nasal passages. Also, it causes problems while sleeping and could result in snoring. Block nasal passages could also interfere with the hearing and causing mild impediment with the speech. This condition is not considered serious where adults are concerned, but it could lead to long term damage in kids. In case the nasal congestion is brought on by enlarged adenoids, the kid would require a surgery.

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How Long Should A Stuffy Nose Last