Why Is Bond Market Falling ?   

      The current question that is plaguing the bond market is that why is the bond market falling. There are many reasons for this but the most important reason for the bond market to fall is that there are more sellers than buyers.

       Most financial professionals are constantly looking at the “whys” of bond market as it allows them to predict future activity. They also look at the trends -- fall and rise. Knowing these things allow investors to take appropriate actions so that they do not face severe losses. However, the bond market does not have a safety feature that prevents large sell offs. The reason behind is that the market is more volatile that the stock market. Being a bond holder when the bond market is on a decline is one of the worst things that can happen to an investor. The investor keeps losing money by the second in a falling market.

       If you financial advisor is inexperienced, you will become aware of the falling bond market through your statement. You have to remember that when the bond market falls, the first to get affected are utility companies, gas companies and electric companies. When there is rumor of recession or inflation, bond prices always take a dip.

      Individual bonds are also influenced by credit and interest rate risks. When a bond’s credit rating is lowered, the price of a bond decreases significantly. This is because the risk that the company might default increases. This does not, however, influence the bond market. Although, if the trend is seen in too many companies, too often, there is a general decline in the bond market.

      Bond markets are decentralized and have no common exchanges. This means that there are no rules which govern the sale and purchase of bonds. Nor are there any rules to stop or start the participation of a company in the bond market.

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Why Is Bond Market Falling





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