Government Bonds And Long Term Care Insurance  

      One the main goals of estate planning is to ensure that you have sufficient income after your retirement. Most people approach retirement planning in three steps -- they take into account the number of years left for retirement; estimate the cost of living during retirement; and lastly they have an invest plan to ensure that the cost of living during retirement is taken care of.

     One of ways of investing for retirement is to purchase government bonds. These bonds are issued by the federal government and are guaranteed by the government so the risks involved are reduced substantially. Government bonds are issued for different periods and maturity date of these bonds is usually 30 years after which interest is no longer paid on the investment.

      One of things about retirement is that certain costs like clothing and commuting costs reduce but medical care increases. This means that you have take into account long term care insurance which will pay for services like nursing home, adult day care, assisted living or home care. These services are not covered under medical insurance or Medicare.


     Long term care insurance is a new insurance product and is not for everyone as it is quite expensive. One of the ways of paying for this particular insurance is using the interest money that you get from your government bond. The best part is that government bonds are non-taxable in most cases so you can use the entire amount to pay the premiums. This is especially true for people who do not have extra money for long term care insurance.

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Government Bonds And Long Term Care Insurance




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