Where To Buy Swiss Government Bonds ?   

      The Swiss Stock Exchange, also known as SWX, is the sixth largest stock exchange in the world and it is the third largest in Europe. The Swiss Stock Exchange is based in Zurich, Switzerland, and it rose out of the merger between Geneva, Zurich and Basel stock exchanges.

      The Swiss Stock Exchange deals primarily with the Swiss Market Index which comprises of 30 major equity securities of the country. It is through the SWX that you can buy Swiss government bonds and these bonds are one of the best ways of benefitting now that the dollar is falling. But to buy Swiss government bonds, you will have to use a broker. Some major players that accept US clients are Pax Life Insurance, Generali Group, Swiss Partners and Helvetia Patria Insurance.

       One of the reasons that investors buy Swiss government bonds is that they offer safety and the other reason is that there is no reporting requirement. Under Swiss law, a bond or any annuity cannot be seized by creditors using a court-ordered collection. To add to all this, there is no Swiss tax.

       However, if you are investing in Swiss government bonds, you will have to pay income taxes as per US tax laws on the interest you are earning. This is because offshore annuities that guarantee the principal are considered as Original Issue Discounts and this is what makes the interest from the bonds taxable. However, if the bond does not offer guarantee and not meet the guidelines set by the IRS, you can defer paying taxes until the bond matures.

                                                                         Though fixed annuities offer safety, asset protection and portfolio diversification, many Americans are taking advantage of variable annuities bond funds to avoid paying taxes in the US.

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Where To Buy Swiss Government Bonds





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