Advantages For No Rewards With Low Interest Credit Cards  

     Low interest credit cards are fast becoming a popular variety of credit card among the general public. These types of cards are ideal for those customers who generally have an outstanding balance on their credit card and are unable to pay off purchases within the interest free period.

      There are different companies in the market offering a variety of low interest credit cards. Most of these cards differ in terms of rewards offered on every purchase made using such cards. Some of these reward programs include cash-back on purchases made at selected outlets, frequent flier programs and gas discount programs.

       In most cases, customers never avail any of these benefits or rewards. This is simply due to the fact that credit card issuing companies keep the customers in dark about the rewards. Or else, the customer is required to sign a separate paper so as to avail the benefits of these rewards. Rewards on credit cards are only applicable to customers who pay back their credit within a month. As the payment gets delayed, value of the rewards also starts diminishing. In this scenario, rewards on credit cards are virtually of no use. There are also situations where rewards on credit cards are offered as a promotional offer. These types of offer do not last for a long time.

       Hence, it is better to opt for companies that offer low interest credit cards without any rewards. One advantage of using these types of cards is saving few extra dollars in terms of interest rates, annual fees and other additional charges.

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Advantages For No Rewards With Low Interest Credit Cards






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