Benefits Of Having Bad - Credit Credit Card  

     What is a bad-credit credit card? This type of card is designed to help you rebuild your credit history.


When you are applying for a bad-credit credit card, the creditor will look for more than just your payment history. This means that chance of you receiving a credit card is extremely high. Having a bad credit will not be an obstacle. You only need to have a steady job, permanent address, and a low debt ratio.

The credit card company will issue you a credit card which has a predetermined credit limit. Do not apply for other credit card offers that may come your way. Each inquiry about your credit will have a negative impact on your credit score.

Bad-credit credit cards are in the form of secured credit cards or unsecured credit cards.

A bad-credit secured credit card means that your deposit is instrumental in determining the credit limit. More money you deposit, higher is the credit limit. The money deposited will be yours as long as your stay current with your credit card bills and in addition, your deposit will earn interest similar to a regular savings account. If you are regular with your payment, the bank might even return your deposit after some time.

A bad-credit unsecured credit card does not require any form of deposit. You will receive a credit card with a spending limit and you have to make sure you stay within the limit. The credit card company will allow a set percentage rate on the amount you can carry forward to the next month but this is only possible if you stay current with your credit card payments.

If you are serious about getting a bad credit credit card then a secured credit card should be your choice. This way you would know how much to spend as your credit limit would be based on your deposit and you will always be careful about keeping up to date with your payments as you will not want to lose your deposit.

Benefits Of Having Bad - Credit Credit Card






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