Get Guaranteed Business Credit Card Tips  

     Almost anybody can apply for a business credit card (either individually or on a corporate level), by applying as a sole proprietor. The company scans and processes the application for the business card and nominates an individual who is responsible for making the repayments.

     It is always better to opt for a business credit card rather than a regular consumer credit cards owing to the numerous additional features available with a business credit card such as a zero percent APR (wherein there is the facility for zero percent balance transfer teaser rates for 12 months), cash back facility (wherein rebates are available for spending on groceries, gasoline, drugstore, stationary and wireless expenditure), reasonable discounts (when purchases are made using the business credit cards) with open savings partners.  For instance, Citibank business card holders are provided with a frequent flyer reward program as an added incentive for their program.

      While credit cards provide great benefits that are especially important and relevant in the daily transactions of business people, business credit cards make the efforts more focused, and also bestow us with greater purchasing power. Some of the business credit cards, like the regular Citi PremierPass Elite Card, even allow their cardholders to earn one mile for every dollar spent on the card and also one mile for every mile flown.

                        Several other companies provide perks such as at gas stations, hotels, restaurants, and at other places where the card holders carry out their day-to-day basic financial transactions or purchases. Apart from the frequent flyer programs or the other commonly provided perks, an added advantage with business credit cards is that usually the ceiling or credit limit for business credit cards is comparatively much higher.

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Get Guaranteed Business Credit Card Tips






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