Credit Card Insurance  

     If you have a credit card, the likely hood of a customer service representative from the credit company asking you to purchase a credit card insurance increases dramatically. However, it may not be for everyone.


    Ultimately credit card insurance is very personal and some people might take the insurance while others will not. Generally people who have no problems with making their monthly payments prefer not to take credit card insurance. And people who are struggling to make their monthly payments jump at the offer.

      Before you sign up for credit card insurance, you should know that not all plans are equal. Make sure you study the plan and understand how the policy works before you sign up.

Different Types Of Credit Card Insurance Plans

Credit Life Insurance:
        This type of credit card insurance plan will pay your entire credit card balance at the time of your death. A credit card company will pay the outstanding balance of your credit card only if you have named them the beneficiaries in the insurance plan.

Credit Property Insurance:
       Most probably this type of insurance plan is already present when you received your credit card. A credit property insurance protects you from damage. In some cases, you will also receive protection for items bought with the credit card and they get stolen.

       Credit Involuntary Unemployment Insurance will cover minimum monthly payment on your credit card if you get laid off or are downsized by your company for a specific period of time. However, this plan does not cover any purchases made after you get unemployed.

      Purchasing different credit card insurance plans can be quite expensive and that is why you should get all the information before purchasing a plan. Make sure find out details about the rates and even the cancellation policy.

Credit Card Insurance






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