Guide For Fixed Low Interest And No Annual Fee Credit Cards  

During the initial years when credit cards were introduced for the first time in the market, customers or card holders were required to pay certain amount of money every year to the card issuing company towards annual charges or yearly fees.

      With the constantly increasing competition in the market, this scenario is swiftly changing towards credit cards with no annual fee offer. Many marketing agencies, financial organizations and banking institutions are trying to entice customers by introducing fixed low interest rate credit cards and not charging any annual fees.

      One should always be careful while going for such a credit card. “No annual fee” on the credit card does not necessarily mean that there are no charges at all. Certain companies use this trick as a marketing gimmick. However, the customer is required to pay the annual charges in another way. Service charges are levied on customers who are unable to pay the entire balance at the end of every month. Late payment fee is levied when the customer delays the credit payment. In addition to these, the customer is also required to pay an additional fee if he goes over the credit limit. Hence it is the primary responsibility of the customer to read the entire document carefully and get acquainted with various charges levied by the credit card companies offering credit cards with fixed low interest and no annual charges.

     It is a similar situation with fixed low interest rate on credit cards. People are usually fond of credit cards that come at an affordable and inexpensive rate. Companies use this as their marketing strategy. Cardholders are offered best low interest rates or even no interest as an introductory offer. However, this rate remains valid for a certain period of time. Interest rates are revised to an exorbitant rate at the end of the offer period. It is important to clarify whether the low interest rate is fixed or variable.

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Guide For Fixed Low Interest And No Annual Fee Credit Cards






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