Unlimited Cash Rewards Credit Cards  

      Cash back credit cards are the most popular variety of credit cards that have been in the market for the last 10 to 15 years. This type of credit card is ideal for those customers who readily pay off their credit by the end of the month and do not bother about APR.

       Cash back is basically a reward program where the customer is rewarded by the card issuing company for paying back the time within a stipulated amount of time.

        There are several credit card companies such as Capital One, Discover, Chase and Atlanta offering unlimited cash rewards on their credit cards. Certain cards offer flat 1 percent cash back on any type of purchase made by the customer. Flat rate cash back card is ideal for customers who do not expect to use the card much.

        Another type of credit card cash reward program offered by some companies is tiered percentages. In this system, cash back percentages are dependant on the purchases made by the customer in a single year. For example, the first $1,500 spent on the card would earn 0.25 percent cash back; the next $1,500 would earn 0.50 percent. Customers can avail 1 percent cash back only when the purchases are above a certain threshold level. This level is specified by the bank issuing the card.  

         There is one more way of paying cash rewards to the customer. Certain cards offer extra cash back on certain types of purchases at selected outlets. For example, a credit card might offer 5 percent discount on daily purchases like gasoline, groceries and drugstores and 1 percent discount on all other purchases.

         It is always useful to have a cash back credit card on which the cash rewards are redeemable.

Unlimited Cash Rewards Credit Cards






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Unlimited Cash Rewards Credit Cards )
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