How To Remove Gasoline Spill From Garage  

Gasoline is an important part of our lives. It allows us to run our vehicles. It lets us take our children to school and get our groceries from home. It powers our lawn movers and when we are on vacation, it runs our boats and RVs.

Therefore, a gasoline spill in the garage is completely unavoidable. This can cause your garage and home to reek of gasoline and the fumes can be potentially dangerous. In addition, the stain from the cement floor will not go because the cracks on the floor absorb the gasoline and your beautiful garage gets all stained and ugly.

If there is a gasoline spill in the garage, the first thing you should do is avoid sparks. The fumes are volatile and flammable. Many will tell you to wipe the spill with a rag and then hang it until the fumes dissipate. However, this will not get rid of the stains.

How to Remove Gasoline Spill from the Garage:

Here is a good and effective way to remove gasoline spill from the garage. If you are looking for immediate control, cover the affected area with a degreaser like Citrus XL. You can also use a concentrated orange oil cleaner like D-Limonene Emulsifiable Concentrate. Do not use a diluted oil cleaner. Orange oil concentrate is used commercially to clean greasy concrete floors. If you are using a Citrus XL, make sure you use it without diluting.

Wet the concrete and then scrub the cleaner into it using a brush. Once you have used a bit of elbow grease, rinse off the concrete with a hose. If necessary repeat the entire process. If you are using the Citrus powder, then wet the floor, sprinkle the powder and scrub with a stiff broom. After that you can rinse off the floor with water. If you are using the powder as a spray, dilute around 2 to 3 cups of the powder in 5 gallons of water. Spray on the gasoline spill and allow the spray to penetrate. After that, brush the spot and then rinse off with water.

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How To Remove Gasoline Spill From Garage




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