Best And Worst Car Insurance Companies  

      In most cases, the general tendency of a new auto insurance buyer is to choose a low cost insurance provider, assuming that all the companies in this sector are essentially the same. According to experts, two most important factors that determine a good car insurance company are the premium rates and the ability of the company to handle insurance claims.

       In fact, ability of the insurance company to resolve an issue has been the key factor to have been taken into account when J.D Power and Associates, a consumer reporting and market research gurus, rated the best and worst car insurance companies.

       Consumer satisfaction about a particular insurance provider is taken into consideration depending on which insurance companies are rated. Company having the highest number of complaints filed against it is the worst while one that has the fewest complaints is the best. A good insurance company is one that requires only one telephone call to resolve an issue. Consumer satisfaction decreases when one needs to make repeated contacts to the company for getting an issue resolved. Customer gets satisfied only when the insurance company is able to connect itself with customers and is able to understand their issues and needs.

        Insurance claim is another important cause that affects consumer satisfaction significantly. A good insurance company is one that settles an insurance claim without causing much discomfort to the customer. However, there are also companies that routinely deny claims without citing any particular reason. These insurers do not even respond to complaints with a hope that the policyholder will either lose hope or die before collecting policy proceeds. Such insurance providers can be considered the worst.

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Best And Worst Car Insurance Companies






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