Divestment Of Assets Is A Good Idea Under What Circumstances  

A company or business owns several assets. These assets could be in the form of shares, bonds, certificates, and also physical properties. For some businesses, it may be necessary for their portfolio and for others it may just be an expansion strategy.

Some businesses also diversify into various products over a period of time.They may have started as a food and beverage company, but eventually may venture into the cosmetic products business, for example. Several companies diversify their business. However, only a few companies succeed in handling all their businesses.

Once the company is not able to handle the extended or diversified businesses, it is better for it to divest their companies. Even though it is a financial secure company, divesting is a precautionary measure. Also, if the firm is running into debts and is not able to clear them, then divesting its assets to clear the debts is safer. In addition, it helps to save the business on time. Some debts can actually spoil the business, and its reputation when debts go out of proportion. Sometimes selling of a part of the business may fetch more profits to the business than retaining and running it. Some buyers will be willing to pay a high price for the name and the type of business.

Businesses decide to sell of their extensions so that they can revamp their own core business or get a facelift in the market. They need finances for that and they can get it by divesting the company.

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Divestment Of Assets Is A Good Idea Under What Circumstances




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Divestment-Of-Assets      Assets mean liquefiable property for a firm. Asset can be in the form of buildings, bonds, certificates, and any type of solid investment. Sometimes, firms may decide to divest their assets for several reasons. Divestment is the reverse of investment. Here, instead of buying more assets, the company ends up selling of the existing assets. More..




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Divestment Of Assets Is A Good Idea Under What Circumstances )
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