Divestment Of Assets  

Assets mean liquefiable property for a firm. Asset can be in the form of buildings, bonds, certificates, and any type of solid investment. Sometimes, firms may decide to divest their assets for several reasons.

Divestment is the reverse of investment. Here, instead of buying more assets, the company ends up selling of the existing assets.

For example, when a large firm is divesting its assets, it would immediately impact the shares and also changes the impression in the shareholders mind. The term divestment is always associated with financial difficulties, and in case a company is breaking up, then it could mean that they are doing it to pay off their debts. Also, divestment may occur in large firms because that particular part of the company is not performing well. They also tend to drag the overall investment portfolio low.

Sometimes, it becomes inevitable for a company to divest to prevent monopoly. A company may grow so big that they start holding the biggest market share giving no one else a chance. That is why divestment comes as a state order, and the firm is forced to do it.

Assets owned by a company are their property. Sometimes, too many assets become dead stock, and they block huge amounts of money. In order to liquidate and get the funds flowing, the firms may decide to divest their funds. Divestment of assets has several reasons, and one of the top most reasons is to liquidate assets, which are a dead weight on the company’s profile.

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Divestment Of Assets




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