Benefits Of an Entrepreneur At a Social Setting   

          The concept of entrepreneurship is not only limited to business. An entrepreneur who recognizes social issues and applies his/her entrepreneurial skills to make social change is called, “Social Entrepreneur.”  Generally, a business entrepreneur may use profit and return as the measurement of his/her success. In contrary, social entrepreneur assess his/her successes with his/her impact on society. More...

The Functions And The Activities Of Entrepreneur

The Functions And The Activities Of Entrepreneur  The Idea of entrepreneurship has a wide range of definition. Generally, an entrepreneur is a person who pioneers a new venture with inherent outcome and risks. Entrepreneurs are people with high aptitude and pioneer spirit. The word, “Entrepreneur”, derives from French Word, Entreprendre, which means “to undertake”. It also means to start a business in business context. More..


Government Entrepreneur Grant

Government Entrepreneur Grant  

       Government Entrepreneur Grant is a type of financial assistance for a start up business from the government. Unfortunately, only specific industries of business are qualified to get this grant. Each year Private Grant Foundations and Federal Government award billions of dollars in grant money to people from all walks of life. More....





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