The Functions And The Activities Of Entrepreneur  

     The Idea of entrepreneurship has a wide range of definition. Generally, an entrepreneur is a person who pioneers a new venture with inherent outcome and risks. Entrepreneurs are people with high aptitude and pioneer spirit. The word, “Entrepreneur”, derives from French Word, Entreprendre, which means “to undertake”. It also means to start a business in business context.


What Are Important Activities Of Great Entrepreneurs ?:

          Studies have shown that great entrepreneurs usually engage in three most important activities on a regular basis to become successful.

  • Positive Thinking And Continuous Dreaming: Believe it or not, Imagination is a very powerful thing. It is the force that keeps us going against hardship and obstacles. Dreams make the impossible possible. Not too long ago, if you say you can fly, people probably think you are crazy. Today, it is not out of reach.
  • Continuing Education: Great Entrepreneurs read just about everything. They read novels, spiritual news, and poetry. It is important to read other materials other than what you may normally be interested in.
  • Continual Improvement: Where there’s a way, There’s a Will. Great Entrepreneurs work hard to find new ways of doing old things. Never, stop improving your business.


Economic Function Of The Entrepreneur:

          Entrepreneurship is important for the economy, because he/she brings new ideas and stimulates business process. The entrepreneur does not need to have the design or production skills, but the notion of the entrepreneur is a risk-taking trader. Characteristic of an entrepreneur is an self employed manager capable of combining labor and capital to personal advantage.

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The Functions And The Activities Of Entrepreneur




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The Functions And The Activities Of Entrepreneur )
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