What Does An Investment Portfolio Look Like ?  

Investment portfolio means a document that provides all the information about your investments and also indicates which investment is doing well and which is not.

It also gives detailed information about whether your portfolio is diversified, or it is high risk, or low risk.Some portfolios look better than the others, and the reason for this is that those portfolios will have diversified investments. If you want to see a good investment portfolio against all odds, then you need to put in constant effort and maintenance for it. If you do not have the acumen for it, then you should tie up with a broker who can promise you results. There are several investment portfolio managers. They do the investment and also manage the portfolio on your behalf for a fee.

Here is a sample portfolio, and this is how a good portfolio should look:

Fund Name

Fund Symbol

Expense Ratio

Vanguard Total Stock Market Index



Vanguard Value Index



Vanguard Small Cap Index



Vanguard Small Cap Value Index



Vanguard REIT Index



Vanguard Total International Stock Index



Vanguard International Value



Vanguard Short-Term Bond Index



Vanguard Intermediate-Term Bond Index



           At the end of the day, your expense ratio on the portfolio should be about 0.25 percent. Also, every portfolio will have minimum fund amount that needs to be invested. In addition, take advice of a financial advisor in what type of accounts you should invest in. Even if you are not interested in doing your own research, it is always better to read up about the individual investments in the portfolio you hold.

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What Does An Investment Portfolio Look Like




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What Does An Investment Portfolio Look Like ? )
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