Investment And Portfolio Management  

Investment and portfolio management go hand in hand actually. No person will invest in the same shares over and over again. Everyone will look at diversifying their investments. Some people have a lot of knowledge about the share market and would prefer handling their own portfolios.

There are some professional investors and financial advisors that can invest for people for a commission and they also handle the portfolios. Any investment portfolio can be categorized into a low or medium or high risk one. A high risk portfolio may have high returns depending on the type so investments in the portfolio. A low risk portfolio could earn a steady income, but not necessarily high. So, there are different variations of investments in a portfolio.

How much a portfolio earns is mainly dependent on the type of investments it holds. Most portfolios are a combination of securities, bonds, shares and assets. So, at any given point of time, a portfolio will have certain level of income. Among all the portfolios, a diversified portfolio is the best because the risk is spread out, and the income is also variable. If you invest all your money in one particular sector or type, then you are running high risks. If the market crashes, you will have to take huge losses. Every time the market crashes, only a few sectors get affected and not all of them. A good investment portfolio will contain investments in all the sectors. Investment and portfolio management needs constant work and tracking in order to provide optimal returns.

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Investment And Portfolio Management




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