Investment Portfolio Diversification  

Investment Portfolio Diversification

           A diversified portfolio has several benefits compared to a standard one. There are two kinds of investors. One is the long term investor and the other is the short term investor. In either case, they both have portfolios and may deal with it in a different manner.More...


What Is An Investment Portfolio ?

What Is An Investment Portfolio         An investment portfolio is a file or a document that provides and keeps track of the information about your investments. If you have invested in bonds, securities, treasury bonds, or shares, then you need an investment portfolio for sure. There are several benefits of having one.More...


Investment And Portfolio Management

Investment And Portfolio Management         Investment and portfolio management go hand in hand actually. No person will invest in the same shares over and over again. Everyone will look at diversifying their investments. Some people have a lot of knowledge about the share market and would prefer handling their own portfolios.More...


Types Of Investment Portfolio

Types Of Investment Portfolio          Investment portfolio is a document that gives you all the details of your investments, their performance, the profits and losses and also the risk factor in it. There are three types of portfolios a person can invest in. These are the low risk, medium risk and high risk portfolios.More...





Investing Tips:

How-Can-Investors-Reduce-Investment-Risk-By-Constructing-An-Investment-Portfolio      Investment portfolio is used to maximize the investment rate, and minimize the level of risks. The portfolio theory believes that the more the number of risks, the higher the rate of return will be. So, when you are investing, you should be aware that risk is a variable factor, and it depends on the amount of returns against the amount invested. Investment portfolios are divided into low, medium and high risk accordingly. More..




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