What Are Investment Risks ?  

What Are Investment Risks

     Investment means you are buying shares in a company, or investing in bonds and securities offered by a company or a firm. You are investing a portion of your money for some types of higher returns. If the company performs well, then they will be sharing their profits with you in return of your investments. Also, when the company is doing well you have an option of selling your shares at a higher price than what you purchased them for.More...


Analyzing Investment Risks Of Mergers And Acquisition

Analyzing Investment Risks Of Mergers And Acquisition        Mergers and acquisitions are a normal process in the business market. You always read about some companies investing in another firm to acquire their business or merging with another company. However, both these have major effects on the shares.More...


Examples Of Investment Risks

Examples Of Investment Risks          Every type of an investment is a risk. There are many types of investments like shares, securities, bonds, and stocks. All of them have some amount of risk associated with them. For example, if you invest in the infrastructure company, the chances are that the stock may perform very well in the initial few weeks after you invest.More...


Oil And Gas Well Investment Risks

Oil And Gas Well Investment Risks         Oil and gas are both extremely volatile industries, and they have effects on every other industry in the world. If you study the dynamics of the oil industry, you will notice the repercussions of the rise and drop in oil prices has severe effects on other common industries as well. When there is an oil shortage, transport gets delayed, then delivery of goods get delayed, and there is a gap created in the market leading to non performance of several companies that are dependent on transport.More...





Investing Tips:

Stock-Investment-Risks      Stocks are shares in a company. The stock performance depends on the market performance, and the company’s performance. Almost every limited company in the United States offers stocks. There are several industries like pharmaceuticals, oil, precious metal, retail, clothing, software, infrastructure, information technology and many more. Each industry has its own dynamics and global trends. More..




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