Clothing Market Trends  

There are hundreds of clothing lines and retails stores in the United States. There are several brands of clothing and accessories right from the top designers to everyday wear.

Most of the Americans wear branded clothing like Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein or Levis for example.  These also include the shoes industry, which is a separate branch by itself.Seldom does anyone wear custom made clothes or shoes. The clothing market trends are forever changing in the United States. Most of the clothing lines manufacture their products in other countries like Mexico, Pakistan, India, China and Philippines. Almost everything from shoes, clothes and accessories are manufactured outside the US. This is beneficial for the clothing industry as they save a lot of money on manufacturing costs and also the dollar value is high and has more buying power in these countries.

All said and done, the retail market largely depends on transportation. The cycle mainly depends on shipment and also the conditions in the country of manufacturing. For example, Gap, Old Navy and Banana Republic manufacture most of their products in India. So, the transport mainly depends on the costs in India, and also the gas prices in India. The shipment costs also have a major impact. So, the demand and supply cycle should reach a stable level for the retail industry to have standard prices on their clothing line. That is why we see such high variations in clothes from season to season in the United States. In some seasons, you will find the rates much higher than the previous.

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Clothing Market Trends




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