Market Trends In The Automotive Industry  

The United States is one of the largest manufacturer, exporter and user of automobiles. In no other country there are so many cars sold every single day as they are done in the US. Also, there are hundreds of models of cars in the country.

Previously the automobile industry was only concentrating on sales in the United States itself. So, the sales volume and the distribution along with production determined the market trends of the automotive industry. Also, in the United States, the automobile sector employed a fairly large amount of people. In the current day global world, the market dynamics have changed completely.

Even the automobile companies are moving their manufacturing units to countries that drive the production costs low like India and China. Even big automobile companies like Ford have done this. This has changed the market trends in the United States, and the host country as well. Also, the United States is exporting its automobile technology to these host countries. For example, in a  country like India where there were just three to five brands of cars in the 1970 to 1990 time period, now there are more than 50 brands available. Most of the brands are being supplied by the United States. Brands like Chevrolet. Ford, Mazda, Chrysler, GM, Subaru and Volkswagen are now exploring the market trends in India.

Also, the sales are pretty high because the population in India is high, and due to a spurt in outsourcing, people now have more money to spend. There is more scope for mid-sized cars in India and that is why several automobile manufacturers are open to setting up manufacturing units here.

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Market Trends In The Automotive Industry




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Market Trends In The Automotive Industry )
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