Market Trends Of Sports Drinks  

Everyone in the world has one common love, and that is drinking sports drinks. It is called aerated water or soda in some countries. Coke and Pepsi are the two biggest brands that rule the world markets.

Also, Coke and Pepsi have several minor brands under them, and they have presence world wide, in more than 80 countries.Sports drinks were first made in the United States. The birth place of both Coke and Pepsi is in the United States. They were widely popular as soda in the US. The first country it was exported to was the United Kingdom. It was also being exported to countries like India, but in the mid 1980s it stopped due to changes in foreign direct investment policies. Later, both companies set up their manufacturing units in the country to cater to the local market.

However, now Pepsi and Coke both make everything from soda, bottled water, energy drinks, and canned drinks. They hold the major market share of the entire world. Among the market trends, the sports drink rule the markets and only two brands rule, and these are Pepsi and Coke. These two companies are in stiff competition with each other. Also, if a retailer is selling one brand, then other brand is not allowed to be sold at the same place. They sign non-compete agreements to that effect. So, each brand has a monopoly in its own way. Since they have such diversified business within the soft drinks industry, the market trends are pretty much standard for both these drinks. On an overall picture, in every country that Pepsi is present, even Coke is available. Therefore, it is a parallel trend between them.

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Market Trends Of Sports Drinks




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