Trends In Housing Market  

The real estate housing market has changed severely in the United States. These changes have taken place in the last decade. The housing market saw peak prices in the beginning of the decade, and the prices hit the rock bottom in mid decade years.

Now they are more mid level.One of the major factors to have influenced the housing market is the global recession. People not able to afford housing in United States in the recent economy had become very common. There was a sudden increase in mortgage foreclosures, closing of accounts and also sale of properties. People started selling more than buying. That has dropped the property rates to an unbelievable figure.

In 2008, New York, the country’s fastest metropolitan, reported of selling a studio apartment for as low as $1,000. The recession has caused the trend. Also, some investors looked at as a rife period, and starting buying investment properties. People, who would not have otherwise bought big homes, did not mind buying at low prices using their savings. Single family home owners suddenly could easily buy expensive homes without much effort. The mortgage industry also had to give out loans in spite of a poor credit report because of the failing economy. What would a mortgage company do with hundred foreclosed homes on their hand? That is why, in order to liquidate the funds, they started selling them for cheap. Also, the lagging salaries have actually pushed the home rents to a higher price. So, people rather invest in buying homes than renting out because it worked out to the same amount of expenditure at the end of the day.

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Trends In Housing Market




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