Consequences Of Speculation In Currency Market  

Currency speculation has always been a trend in the global markets. One country’s falling currency rate is an advantage for another country. This is possible in the current day market scenario because everything is traded globally in the markets.

Take any product like oil, gas, gold, silver, raw material or produced goods. They are all bought and sold in the global market. They are exchanged for a profit or a loss.However, the global markets have noticed a sudden increase in currency speculation. The currency value in the United States is mainly dependent on the traders who are in the currency exchange markets. Currency that comes from a strong economy has more value than the country that has a weak economy. The strength of the economy is determined by the buying power. So, those who trade more in the global market are the winners. The dynamics are extremely simple to understand. This is the basic framework for speculating currencies.

When it comes to currency speculation, the United States Dollar is compared constantly to other currencies. For example, if the United States and Germany currencies are being compared, then it will be indicated as USD/Euro. Similarly, if United States and India are being compared, then it will be measured as USD/INR. So, traders in this industry compare the ratio of profits between the currencies, and make the best deal. For a person in India, if INR50 can fetch a dollar, then it is a high price to pay. At the same time if the dollar value falls, they can purchase a dollar for INR44. They will sell it when it touches INR50 again, and thereby they will be able to make a profit.

While currency speculation has the potential to make profits, it is also very risky. Unforeseen circumstances can cause the speculator to losses that he or she might not be prepared for.

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Consequences Of Speculation In Currency Market




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Consequences Of Speculation In Currency Market )
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