Speculation Great Depression  

The Great Depression caused the biggest economic slump in the United States and the world. It began during 1929, and lasted for almost a decade. The economy was in the worst shape ever, and there were several factors influencing it.

One of the main causes was there was an unequal distribution in wealth, and also there was severe stock market speculation. So, the wealth was unequally distributed and there was a huge gap between the rich and the middle class.

The economy was also very unstable. The excessive speculation kept the stock market very high. However, this high was just a farce. Eventually it led to a huge market crash, and the stock market capsized. Speculators lost all the money, and overnight people became paupers.

This trend lasted so long that people were finding it hard to make ends meet. There was imbalance in agricultural industries. However, people did recoup from the Great Depression, and the 1920s, or the automation era, gave a real boost to the economy. However, there were lessons learnt from the Great Depression. The share markets stabilized and there was more income for the common man. People learnt that exchanging stocks and false speculation can lead the country to grave economic dangers. Later, the consumer market was more active, and people were constantly spending. So, this created an equal flow of funds in all markets. Also, most Americans had no savings.

lso, during the Great Depression there was growing gap between the working class and the rich industry owners. People worked more and earned less. The production was at an all time high. The government also contributed to the growing gap between these classes.

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Speculation Great Depression




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