401k Investment Research  

The 401k plan is the preferred method of investing for retirement. Taking advantage of the pre-tax investment is important for the benefit of the employee.

The following are steps which advise one on how to establish and manage the 401k investment:

  • One should apply for the 401k plan as soon as one joins a firm. This ensures that one does not lose the initial matching contributions that the company makes.
  • One should make maximum contributions to the investment. One can take advantage of the fact that the amount is tax free.
  • One should know how to access their 401 account. It is not controlled by the employer. Thus one should be aware of how to manage their account. The account can be checked through the internet.
  • A diverse portfolio is imperative. The financial advisor puts forward a list of options to choose from for one’s investment. One should take time out and make a thorough research on these funds and finally settle for a few which would benefit them. One should keep an eye out for funds which have had a good, stable run. Equity funds and bonds should both appear in the portfolio. They should be invested in high yielding but relatively low risk funds and bond.
  • The division of the assets should be well thought out. The general rule is that the proportion for equity funds should be 100 percent of one’s age. For example, if one is 30 years old, 70 percent of his/her contribution should be in equity funds and 30 percent in bonds.
  • One should constantly keep an eye on one’s 401k investment and monitor its movements. The portfolio needs to be constantly balanced and re-balanced to keep the investment allocation intact. There will be minor swings in the investment but this short term and common. High yielding funds should be avoided as should be the practice of constantly changing one’s funds and investment plans. One should be patient with one’s investment. The results will show at the correct time.
  • One should take full advantage of the fact that one’s investment is tax deferred. It is advisable not to withdraw money from the 401k account or take loans as the repercussions are negative. This would result in a loss of money as the loan would be taxed and heavy penalties would be levied on it.

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401k Investment Research




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