401k Retirement Investing Tips  

      If you want to have financial security after retirement, it is important to invest in a 401k plan right your employment period. However, with the amount of options available with regard to 401k plan, you may get confused over your investment choices.

      But, there are 401k retirement investing tips that will help you make smart decision and this way you can avoid making investing mistakes.

401k Retirement Investing Tips:

  • Diversifying

It is important to diversify your 401k investment. You will see in different mutual funds in different 401k plans. You should select the mutual funds that best suit your investment needs. If needed, you can also invest in a self directed IRA, where you spread you 401k investment as you see fit.

  • Broaden the investment horizon

Today global investment is the key to financial security. You can invest your 401k either locally or nationally. However, this will limit your fund growth. If you are smart, you will invest 30 percent of your 401k money in international holdings to get maximum benefit. However, if you are comfortable, you can invest more.

  • Think before investing your 401k in your company’s stocks

Although it may sound very profitable, do keep in mind what happened to Enron and its stock holders. If you still want to invest in your company’s stock, do not invest more than 10 percent. This amount is small and will not affect your 401k funds even if your company stock plunges.

  • Educate yourself about hidden fees

Many 401k plans sponsored by companies do not have hidden fees. However, there are some that do have. Therefore, it is important whether your company has. In addition, make sure your company offers no-load mutual funds because if another type of mutual fund is offered, you will be paying fees not just for investing but also for withdrawing money.

      Retirement is rightly called the golden age of a person. This is the time to relax and reap benefits after a lifetime of hard work. If you invest your 401k savings prudently, you will surely enjoy your retirement as you will have financial security.

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401k Retirement Investing Tips






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