401k Rollover On Disability  

The 401k plans are offered to employees to help them save for their retirement. But often people take advantage of the tax deferral rather than actually saving for the future. Thus, the IRS is extremely strict about their rules and regulations for the premature distributions. Thus if a withdrawal is made before the age of 59 and a half, there is a penalty of 10 percent levied on the amount. If that was not enough, the amount is also taxed. However, if one is physically challenged or suffers a permanent disability, the withdrawals can become exempt from these penalties.

One must find out if one fits the profile for being permanently challenged. This must be certified by a doctor who states that one is incapable of performing any physical tasks or activities. The ailment must last more than a year or could be fatal. At this point one must collect 1099-R forms. These are sent to the concerned party by the ones who control the 401k account from which the money is expected to be withdrawn from. A completed Form 5329 must be filed stating the cause for the premature withdrawal. Next to the second line, one must write “03”. This is the code for qualified withdrawal under the circumstances.

The desired withdrawal amount must be written on line 16a on the Form 1040 of the tax return, but should not be included in the taxable income on the next line, 16b. Another tip is that if in the 1099-R form, there is already a distribution code that reads “03” in box number 7, one can skip the writing that out again and just go ahead with filing the 5329 form.

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401k Rollover On Disability




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