How Much Can I Contribute To My 401k ?  

Retirement needed be a worrisome thing with regard to finances. If one chooses to take the 401k to efficiently save for the future, this worry can be put at ease. By this plan a certain amount is subtracted from one’s income and invested into an account or stocks, bonds, mutual funds, hybrid funds, equity funds and the like.

Often the employer tries to match this contribution as well which can result in one’s savings getting doubled. This decreases the tax liability and one can reap the benefits of the interests. One should start saving as soon as possible to take advantage of the tax deferral. 

One can contribute however much one wants while adhering to the predetermined limitations. The limits can change annually and is dependent on many factors. The limit is set annually and it varies accordingly on the basis of the rates of inflation and the ever changing value of the dollar. In 2008, the maximum limit was $15,500 for single workers under the age of 50 years. All these were dollars before taxation. For the older citizens who are rapidly approaching retirement, the limits are slightly higher. In 2008, those over the age of 50 years were eligible for $20,500. In 2009, the limit for those less than the age of 50 years was $16,500 and an additional amount of $5,500 is permitted for individuals who are more than 50 years.

This retirement plan gives assurance in case of financial crisis or emergency economic commitments. If one chooses to withdraw funds from this account earlier, a penalty of 10 percent must be paid. Thus, one must think before dipping into these savings and also consider wisely how much one’s contribution should be depending on the money in hand.

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How Much Can I Contribute To My 401k




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How Much Can I Contribute To My 401k ? )
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