Best Places To Retire In South America  

       The dollar has weakened and now many retirees will not get much for the same amount in countries like Portugal or Greece which were popular will American retirees. Now many American are heading to South America after retirement where the low cost of living means higher standard of living.

        In addition, it is the same continent and the retirees can go back to the US whenever they want to meet friends and families.

        Some of the best places to retire in South America are Costa Rica and Mexico. The reasons why these two countries are so popular are because of low cost of medical care and housing.

         In Costa Rica, it is quite common to find a nice home for just $50,000. In addition, the high oxygen content in the air along with consistent 70 degrees temperature goes a long way to make retirees feel healthy and active. The cost of living is low so even a Social Security amount of $2,000 is enough to make you live like a king. This is not possible in the US.


        Another popular destination in South America for retirees is Corozal Town in Northern Belize. This town is just 9 miles south of the Mexican border and less than 90 miles from Belize City. Many American retirees are slowly making their way to this town because housing and real estate is very cheap. You can buy modern large homes built to US standards from $100,000 to $200,000. Belizean homes cost lesser and you get a cheap and attractive home for less than $50,000. The only thing that you will be shelling out money is for gasoline and electricity. But taxes, insurance, medical care, and eating out is much cheaper than the US.

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Best Places To Retire In South America






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