Free Retirement Speech  

When a colleague in your office retires, it is a very special occasion for him or her. A retirement marks the culmination of a career that the person has been working for all his adult life.

Usually an office will throw a party to say farewell to this colleague and it often becomes quite difficult to select something appropriate to say.

If you are planning a retirement speech for a colleague, make sure that it is not too long and winded. You do not want to rub in the retirement. Your retirement speech should be short and simple while still making the person feel wanted.

Here is a sample of a free retirement speech. You can change it to suit your needs and requirements.

Welcome, everyone to this special but bitter-sweet occasion.

It is very sad to be standing here to say goodbye to XYZ (substitute the name of your colleague). However, at the same time we know that he is leaving our organization in good health and finally he will be able to enjoy the hard earned money. I am positive that the rest of us who have to work right until we are in our 80s will have enough time to think this over.

Ever since he joined our organization, XYZ has been a pillar not just to the company but also to the community. Perhaps a more appropriate term would be rock as he helped to build the foundations of this organization that have made it a success. Although he puts his success down to the staff cafeteria’s food and tea, we all know it stemmed from his commitment to the organization and all of us.

After XYZ leaves, the organization will be an emptier place without him. Although, we are saying goodbye to XYZ, this will not be the last we see of him. He will be joining us for all the staff parties and we will be constantly turning to him for words of wisdom.

XYZ, on behalf of all us present here, I take the liberty of wishing you the very best. Good luck and may you enjoy your new life after retirement. Do let us know everything about your holiday exploits when you return from your safari holiday in Kenya.

Let us raise our glasses to honor the contribution of colleague and friend XYZ.

Free Retirement Speech






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