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      When you are retiring from an organization it is etiquette to inform your boss by way of retirement letter. This should be sent even if you have verbally informed your boss of your retirement. A retirement letter is not all difficult to write, so you have nothing to worry about.

       A retirement letter can be formal or informal. The tone of the letter will depend on the relationship you shared with your supervisor. Your letter should clearly state your intention to retire along with the date. If you have had a great working relationship with your organization, do not forget to thank your employer, colleagues and subordinates for making your work experience wonderful and happy.

       You should end you retirement letter by wishing your supervisors and colleagues the very best for the future.

       There are some employees who offer their organization assistance after retiring. Usually this is in the form of training their successor so that the transition is easier. If you intend doing it, make sure you mention this in the letter.

       Below is a letter retirement sample which can be edited suitably. Remember this is just a retirement letter template.  

Dear Sir:

I am writing to confirm my retirement from my position as Shift Supervisor with ABC Manufacturing effective July 21, 2008.

Although I am looking forward to retiring happy, wild, and free, I will miss working for the company and with my former colleagues.

May I take this opportunity to thank ABC Manufacturing for having given me the opportunity to work at this fine organization for over 22 years.

I will do my utmost to be of any required assistance from now up until my retirement.

I M Frank

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Letter Retirement Sample






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