Retirement In Thailand  

      Thailand, the Land of Smiles, is popular destination for people to retire to. Many people from America and Europe come to this beautiful and hospitable country to spend their retirement life.

There are many reasons why a person should seek retirement in Thailand, but just a few are listed below:

  • Thailand is safe. In fact, Thailand is one of the safest countries in world. Very rarely will you hear of a violent crime against a stranger. In addition, the structure and culture of the society is such that elders are given utmost respect!
  • Prices and cost of living in the country are low. This means that you can make a dollar stretch further than it would in the US. Services are cheap and reasonable. Housing is something that most pensioners can afford and you can easily find something attractive away from large tourist areas.
  • Although the medical facilities in Thailand are modern and up-to-date, they are inexpensive. You will find that many doctors are educated and trained in the west. In addition, you will find that nurses are polite and very efficient. Even purchasing generic prescription drugs is quite cheap.
  • If you do not like cold winters, then Thailand is the place for you. Climate in the country ranges from tropical in the South to subtropical in the North. You will find large communities of expats along the country’s beaches and highlands. The best part about Thailand is that even during the pesky rainy season, the weather is rather pleasant. And once it stops raining, the sun comes out and dries everything.
  • Thailand is trying to build western-style retirement communities. Until these communities are established, you can easily purchase a condominium to suit your budget and needs. If you do not want to purchase a condo, you can opt for renting a house and in most areas the renting process is rather simple and straightforward.
  • You will never get bored in Thailand. You can volunteer to teach at the local school and when you are not teaching, you enjoy a good game of golf or take nature trips to different parts of Thailand.

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Retirement In Thailand






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