How To Look For Garden Supply Center

          With the changing global economic situations, lifestyles of people are also changing. Gardening has now become a favorite pastime for many. Many people garden to relax and take a break from their busy lives. For some, their gardens are just a collection of few flower pots. Others like to have vegetable and herb gardens spread over large areas. In this scenario, garden supply centers are a much needed establishment.

          A garden center is a retail business store that sells plants and other accessories required for a garden. Various items found in a garden center include plants, trees, shrubs, seeds, compost, fertilizers, gardening tools, landscaping products, containers, hanging baskets, garden pots, insecticides, fountains and garden décor. Another advantage of garden centers is that these centers can be approached with regard to any problems related to gardening. Most of the popular garden supply centers employ a horticulturist who can diagnose problems and make recommendations to gardeners free of cost. 

          There are several independent garden supply centers operating in the U.S. Many of these garden centers have other departmental stores associated with them like pet supplies, home décor, florist, gifts, home furniture, barbecue grills and landscaping services. Some garden centers include a large Christmas shop while others have a café or coffee bar attached. Information and location about these garden centers can be obtained from Garden Centers of America, which is a trade association of independent garden centers in the U.S. Information is also available with Master Nursery Garden Centers that has 400 members, Home and Garden Showplace that has 260 members, Northwest Nursery Buyers Association with 46 members and ECGC with 14 members. Apart from this, there are several online garden supply centers providing all the necessary information and services related to gardening.

How To Look For Garden Supply Center






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