10 Exceptional Garden Guided For Herb Tour

          Compiled by Shatoiya and Richard de La Tour, “The Herbalist’s Garden” is an excellent herb garden book taking the readers through an enchanting journey into North America’s ten most engrossing herb gardens. Five of the gardens described in this book are located in California including the Dry Creek Herb Farm and Learning Center EverGreen Herb Garden, The City Garden, Deer Run Herb Sanctuary and the Saso Herb Gardens.

          Others include Rosemary Gladstar’s Sage Mountain in Vermont, Plimoth Plantation in Massachusetts, Dr. Duke’s “Farmette” in Fulton, Caprilands in Coventry and Ravenhill Farm located in Vancouver Island, Canada.

          The journey starts with Shatoiya and Richard describing the story behind Dry Creek Herb Farm and Learning Center located in Auburn, California. Dry Creek Herb Farm is a dream of Shatoiya and Richard that has been developed with the objective of serving the community. The journey continues into Sage Mountain and goes on. Each chapter in this book has been dedicated to provide description about each individual garden. Included in this book are experiences of noted herb enthusiasts of North America including Dr. James A. Duke, Rosemary Gladstar, Louis and Virginia Saso and Candis Cantin-Packard. One can share the passion of these gardeners and read their stories of how their gardens have actually started and how they gradually evolved into notable learning centers for herb lovers across the country. Readers can also know about the favorite herbs, personal food recipes, healing remedies, and ideas on garden designing and tips on how to grow plants from these noted herbalists.

          The book has been ably supported by some beautiful photographs of the gardens and plants taken by expert photographer Saxon Holt.

10 Exceptional Garden Guided For Herb Tour






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